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In 2021, the Law Office of Steven Nguyen is proud to report that we had 100% approvals for employment based cases, including H-1B petitions, L-1A intracompany managers, and Labor Certification approvals!

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Whether you represent a corporation in need of working visas for employees, seeking relief in removal proceedings, or have a family member in need of a visa to the U.S., the Law Office of Steven Nguyen can help. We know and understand the immigration benefits that affect you, your family, or company may need and will handle your case in a prompt, professional manner.

Corporate immigration is a sensitive legal concern for any large, growing multinational business. Visas and permanent residence related to an international relocation can be smooth for you and your employees, keep projects on track, develop more business, and maintain legal compliance for your company. The stakes are high, yet you are reluctant to trust a large, impersonal law firm for the professional visa management you need.

Attorney Steven Nguyen has helped countless companies and individuals acquire and maintain their lawful status in the United States. Whether it’s moving a client from project-to-project or helping a new a graduate obtain working status, we will walk you through the process and provide all materials for our clients to promptly obtain their immigration goals. U.S. immigration & naturalization laws may seem challenging, but our experts are able to help individuals from all ages and backgrounds to live, work, and be reunited with loved ones in the Untied States.

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