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Attorney Nguyen & his staff successfully petitioned for an H-1B 3rd Party Placement Worker to begin remote work at a large end-client worksite! The petitioning company was based out of Washington and sought to hire an H-1B worker to be placed in Arkansas, through contract with an intermediate vendor. Attorney Nguyen was able work work extensively with the petitioner, vendor and employee to quickly turnaround the case and obtain all necessary documents proving the petitioner’s right to control the off-site assignment. With premium processing, the case was approved within 1 week and the employee was able to begin his lucrative new project immediately. Attorney Nguyen has filed hundreds of similar cases, involving unusual employment locations and work-from-home options. His success rate in this area is exceptional and our H-1B 3rd party employer-clients include companies large & small which span across the United States. Contact the Law Office of Steven Nguyen & Associates for your free assessment today!

H-1B 3rd Party Placement